Anomalous by Mark Perham

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Anomalous by Mark Perham

A semi fictional photographic story on the famous Beasts of Bodmin and Exmoor by Mark Perham.

"Anomalous is a project that has come to fruition as a result of a chance meeting with a local landowner and researcher who had secretly released a very large cat and loved family pet in to the wild (Originally purchased from Harrods) in 1976 due to the introduction and demands of the Dangerous Wild Animals act. Having destroyed all family history and evidence of ever owning the creature fearing prosecution it wasn’t until local stories of sightings got back to him over a year later that he set about compiling evidence of its survival."

Anomalous contains images and evidence borrowed from that archive along with Mark's own contemporary photographs and research.

44 Pages
Cover 210gsm Lilac Card
Inner Pages 120gsm Natural White
Powder Coated Black Binding Clips
Alien Big Cat Sticker Included
Printed in Cornwall
First Edition of 100

Alien Big Cat Sticker design by Will Ritson